Winter Vege Casserole

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share this delicious Recipe i just created & it is super easy!

As Busy Mums, we always find it hard to make sure we have Delicious & Nutritious meals for our family, as they are super important for not only us as adults, but also our children! To make sure they are Healthy, Active & Growing.

Anyway, my shopping day is tomorrow & I had a whole heap of Veges that I needed to do something with. So, I simply just placed them all in my slow cooker & they will be ready for dinner tonight. I normally cook some Chicken or Steak as our protein side of dinner & then there will be sooooo Many Veges to go with it now.

Winter Vege Casserole Recipe

1 x Eggplant

3 x Small Zucchinis

2 x Carrots

1 x Kale Bunch

1 x Lentils Can

1 x Chickpea can

1 x Red Kidney Bean Can

1 x Pumpkin Soup Can

1/2 x Cabbage

1 X Cup of Mixed Frozen Veges

Just throw them all in the slow cooker on High for only 2 hours or Low for 4 hours. You could also get away with not having any Meat in there, as you have a decent amount of protein in there already! I haven't added any herbs or spices as I love the taste of all the veges. It is only lunch time, but I am going to sneak some in for lunch, as it is already cooked.

Have a great week everyone, and let me know how you go with this Recipe!