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The AMAZING Benefits of Pregnancy Massage!

Hi Ladies, Today, I wanted to write about the AMAZING benefits of Pregnancy Massage. As many of you know, when going through your pregnancy journey, there are many changes to your body to accommodate your growing baby inside your belly & along with this, there may be some areas of tightness, pain, discomfort, sickness & […]

Winter Vege Casserole

Hi Everyone, I thought I would share this delicious Recipe i just created & it is super easy! As Busy Mums, we always find it hard to make sure we have Delicious & Nutritious meals for our family, as they are super important for not only us as adults, but also our children! To make […]

Returning to Exercise after birth!

Hi Beautiful Mummies! I thought I would write about my experience of birth, which includes my returning to exercise. So, the birth of my daughter, went absolutely nothing to plan, which resulted in an emergency C-Section. (I will save the details for another time) But, after a couple of days in hospital being barely able […]

Welcome to Nurturing Massage & Fitness

Welcome! Welcome to Nurturing Massage & Fitness! This is my brand new business that I have been working on for the past year & as you have probably already read, I absolutely love Nurturing Mummies & everything to do with Women's Health, Massage, Fitness & Nutrition. So I thought I would start my first blog […]