Pregnancy Massage helps ~ Symphysis Pubis Separation & Pelvic Girdle Pain

Hi Ladies,

I thought I would have a talk about the horrible Symphysis Pubis Separation or better know as PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN!!!! (Pregnancy Massage is something that can help you with this~ but we will get to that later)

Going through your Pregnancy Journey, there can be a lot of things changing to your body, as you grow your baby in your belly. One very common thing to experience is Pelvic Girdle pain, which is a separation or dysfunction of the Symphysis Pubis. The Pelvic Bones are generally well supported & kept stable with the supporting ligaments surrounding them. However, during Pregnancy, hormones are released and with the uptake of relaxin, there are changes to your ligaments. The increased laxity of the joint is designed to relax the Pelvic Bones & help facilitate a easier birth. but, with the laxity of the Pelvic joint, this can cause it to be unstable, with pain & discomfort on movement.

The specific area affected in SPD is the narrowest point of the bones in the pelvic girdle which lies directly in front of the bladder. The symphysis pubis is the region at the front of your pelvis which is normally covered by pubic hair.

Another contributing factor is the changes in weight distribution which create stress on the pelvis, the spine and all the structures which support them.

Symptoms are:~

  • Groin pain, sometimes a sharp & overwhelming pain in the region at the front of the pubic area.
  • Shooting/ Stabbing pain in your back & even sciatic pain.
  • Knee pain which may extend down to the ankles and the feet. This is generally a result of alignment problems further up in the pelvis.
  • Often the pain is worse at night when lying on the back. Turning over in bed and lifting the legs to get out of bed can exacerbate the pain.
  • A grating, clicking or grinding noise may be heard or even felt in the region of the pubic bone.
  • Abdominal pain may also be present, as the muscles try to stabilise the joint, however the abdominal muscles are already under considerable load with the growing uterus.

Recommendations to help relive the pain:~

  • Pregnancy Massage ~ I personally provide a very gentle yet effective treatment that focuses a lot on this area to help relieve this pain
  • (book online here ->).
  • Take smaller steps when walking.
  • Do not push through pain.
  • Roll under rather than over when rolling in bed.
  • Sleep on your side.
  • Pillows!!!! Have a pillow in between your legs when sleeping on your side ( this will help stabilise the pelvic joint)
  • Do not cross legs when sitting.
  • Sit Tall with back support (have a pillow to help support your lower back ~ even keep one in the car)
  • Place a Ice Pack on the painful area for 5-10 minutes every few hours.
  • Wear a compression garment or support belt.
  • Pelvic Floor exercises that help to strengthen (I have one listed I use for my clients below)

Remember to talk to your Obstetrician / Midwife / Doctor about your pain & even go to a Womens Health Physiotherapist. I highly recommend Andrea Baker from Restore Pelvic Physiotherapy if nothing else is helping you.

If you have any questions at all, please send me a message & I will be more than happy to help.

Jess. Xx



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