Linda Wood ~ Pregnancy Massage

Working an office job during pregnancy I found I was suffering with constant back pain. I contacted Jess for some pregnancy massages & I was not disappointment! Jess was able to come to my home which was so convenient. She was professional & made me feel at ease. Not only did the massages help my back, but I slept better & felt rested & relaxed! I would highly recommend Jess for any pregnant or post pregnancy services.

Jade Corbo ~ Relaxation Massage

Jess is amazing! I recently had a massage from her, hard enough to release the tension but relaxing enough to almost put me to sleep! Just perfect!

Tania chase ~ Myofascial Release Massage

I couldn’t move my neck and was in major pain. I was sceptical as nothing had worked to release my neck. I don’t know what Jess did but my neck got really hot and then I could move my neck! Huge relief. This was way before she had baby. I’d love to know what she can do now. Book me in Jess!!