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My Vision

It is with everything inside my Soul that I want to treat & teach women how to nurture & care for them selves at all stages of pregnancy, recovery & beyond, through my holistic approach. With both Massage & Fitness, I can help treat your problems areas of pain, including:- Pelvic Girdle Pain, Lower Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve Pain, SPD Pain & many more. Women's health & pelvic floor is not a very common subject to talk about, but it needs to be. As there are many different things can happen, including:- Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Incontinence & with both Massage & my Funciotnal Movement Training, I can help you with these. There are so many changes that happen to our bodies once we fall pregnant. Not only physically, but also emotionally & I am here to nurture & treat you all the way through.

My Story

I am a first time Mummy & when I fell pregnant, I honestly couldn't wait to go through all the stages of pregnancy & experience this wonderful Journey. Oh how wrong was I.......... I had a hard journey & it was very rough right from start to finish & nothing went to plan. With never receiving much information at all through out the journey & after my emergency c-section, only to be told, not to do anything or lift anything for 6 weeks for my recovery, I knew straight away what my purpose & passion was in life. I was already a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist but I wanted to specialise in pre & post natal training, recovery & massage! So whilst being on maternity leave I have further extended my study & knowledge to be able to offer a unique service of treating women through their journey of pregnancy. And with complete love & passion I can now offer my amazing services in the comfort of your own home Or mine.

Meet the Team

Jess Ngaheu



  • Pregnancy Massage Practitioner ~ Pregnancy Massage Australia
  • Advanced Massage for Labour & Labour Massage for Partner Training~ Pregnancy Massage Australia
  • Advanced Post Natal Massage ~ Pregnancy Massage Australia
  • Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise Prescription ~ Burrell Education
  • Modern Post Natal Assessment & Functional Exercise Prescription~ Burrell Education
  • Certificate IV Massage Therapy ~ Including Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Sports Massage & Neuromuscular Techniques (Myofascial Trigger Points) ~  Q Academy GC
  • Infant Massage Instructor ~ Infant Massage Australia
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage ~ Endeavor College of Natural Health
  • Certificate III in Fitness ~  Human Performance Centre
  • Certificate IV in Fitness  ~ Human Performance Centre
  • Group Fitness Instructor Human Performance Centre
  • Boxing for Fitness Human Performance Centre
  • Active Kids Trainer Human Performance Centre
  • Advanced Nutrition Level 1 ~ Human Performance Centre
  • Senior First Aid & CPR ~Q Academy GC